2003 East Coast Tionol
October 10-12th
University of North Carolina Campus
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
for more information contact Patrick Sky
(919) 929-2048 (eve’s) or (919) 715-3922 (days)
or email plsky@intrex.net

Registration Form
Please Print and Mail along with your check to:
Susanne Ward
55 Masonic St.
Rockland, ME 04841

Name and address    _________________________________________________________





Piping Weekend Registration:

Registration of $65.00 advanced pricing and $75.00 at the door: Includes entry to piping & reed making workshops, the Saturday night concert plus, Saturday lunch consisting of good Southern barbecue or Vegetarian sandwiches (please indicate your preference below). Please note that this registration fee does not include the fiddle workshops. Check-off your level of playing: beginning, intermediate or advanced.

Saturday Lunch
O Barbecue          O Vegetarian

O Beginning students: Either no prior experience or have some experience with the basics of the instrument, and able to play some tunes at a slow pace with little or no ornamentation.
$ [       ]

O Intermediate students: should be able to play tunes in a variety of rhythms (jigs, reels, etc.) with good technique, have a reasonable repertory of tunes and be able to play on or at reasonable dance tempo. $ [       ]

O Advanced students: should be proficient pipers who are interested in expanding their technique, studying the nuances of style and the subtleties of ornamentation and phrasing in the music. $ [       ]

Fiddle Workshops
Willie Kelly will teach two Saturday fiddle workshops on Irish fiddling, one for intermediate level players (10 am – noon), one for advanced players (1:30 – 3:30), fiddle workshops are $20.00 each. Kindly check-off your playing level. Classes will be restricted in size. If we cannot accommodate you, we will return your money. (Please note that concert attendance is not included in this fee.)

O Intermediate        O Advanced $ [       ]

Saturday Night Concert
Saturday Night Concert tickets are $15.00 each If you are a full participant and if you want to reserve extra concert tickets, please do so here.

Number of tickets (         ) $ [       ]

If you want to contribute an additional amount to the Tionol Fund, it will be used to offset this year’s expenses or will be put into the fund for next years expenses. $ [       ]


TOTAL $ [       ]

Please make checks payable to East Coast Piper’s Tionól and mail to:

Susanne Ward
55 Masonic St.
Rockland, ME 04841

For More Information: Phone Patrick at (919) 929-2048 (eve’s) or (919) 715-3922 (days), or email him at plsky@intrex.net